Locherber Brand

For three generations LOCHERBER has been active in cosmetics as well as house perfumes and fragrances. Founded in 1972, in Milan, by Sergio Baerlocher, the company has its roots in Switzerland, the world’s leading country in cosmetics, and in Italy, the cradle of art and design.
With its 5 lines of products, today it sells more than 200 products in 16 countries.
All of its production is based on the choice of natural active ingredients and carefully selected raw materials, which is the distinctive and qualifying feature of a brand with a global audience.

LOCHERBER is an extraordinary example of synergy between the inimitable craftsmanship of products “Made in Italy” and the research conducted in Swiss pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories, always in the forefront of science worldwide.
The first impact of LOCHERBER products – from packaging to store format – is very Italian, in the attention to detail and sophistication of graphics. But the raw materials and patented formulas of creams and cleansers come instead from Swiss laboratories. The result is a mix of quality, values, professionalism and culture that is one of the brand strengths.

LOCHERBER’S HOME & SPA range of products is based on a simple insight, which is the key to the success of this company. Personal care, conceived as the pleasure – and awareness – of choosing the best for your skin, your health and your body has its immediate extension in the pleasantness and beauty of the environments in which we live.